An Introduction to the Bitcoin Source Code

The below YouTube video gives a good introduction to the Bitcoin source code, and the principles behind it. As Bitcoin is decentralised, and there is no “official” organisation behind it, it can be a bit difficult to find the “authoritative” sources of information about it. I have a page about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and in the section “Bitcoin Coding and Development”, you’ll find some useful links to get you started on understanding Bitcoin better.

If you want to view the Bitcoin Source code, which is written in C++, then you need to visit its page on GitHub below:

Then go to the src folder:

You can open the .cpp files to see the actual code. Some of the commonly modified code resides in the rpc and wallet folders, so you can go down a level and look at some of the .cpp files in them to start familiarising yourself with the source code.

To help get into Bitcoin development, you can also join a Bitcoin Core Pull Request Review meeting, which currently take place over IRC on Wednesdays.

Uniswap V3 Update – a Video Summary

Decentralised crypto exchange Uniswap, invented by Hayden Adams, seems to me to be one of the pacesetters when it comes to DeFi. Uniswap seems to come up with the innovative ideas that other groups follow, and they have now announced Uniswap v3, which gives Liquidity Providers finer control over what price ranges their capital is allocated to. Details of the update are summarised in the video below from the Finematics DeFi YouTube channel.

Why Bitcoin Could Go To $100k in 2021

In this video, Bitcoin and crypto commentator Lark Davis explains why he can see Bitcoin going to $100k in 2021. I share the sentiment that Bitcoin is likely to rise significantly over the next year, and as Lark explains, there is a lot of positive newsflow that should help the price. See my Bitcoin page if you want to learn more about Bitcoin.

Trainee Lawyer Gives a Tour of Linklaters Office in London

I love taking a look round offices, and this video tour of Linklaters’ offices in London by trainee lawyer Eve Cornwell gives a useful insight into what it might be like working there. There is some impressive work being done by YouTube creators, and this video does way more than all the boring literature I had to look through when I was a student. Anyone considering a career in law is sure to find this helpful.